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Freedom Mobile is Northern Illinois University’s paratransit system, and is a supplemental system to the Huskie Bus Line. It is designed to provide a means of safe, independent, and accessible travel for academic and personal reasons to riders with disabilities in instances when the Huskie Line is not a reasonable option. The number of riders using the Adapted Transportation Service results in the need for established priorities of usage. In general, service is provided on a call-in basis, with class-to-class transportation provided for a limited period of time to persons approved for that service.

Eligibility for the Freedom Mobile is determined based on medical documentation submitted to the Disability Resource Center, Fourth Floor Health Services Building, 815-753-1303. The service is available to students who meet the eligibility requirements as determined by the Disability Resource Center. The service is also available to faculty and staff who meet the eligibility requirements as determined by the University Human Resources Department. The eligibility may be extended to persons with temporary disabilities. Please contact the Disability Resource Center for more information.

Hours of Operation

Service hours will mirror those of the Huskie Line bus system. These hours are subject to change at the discretion of the SAMTB.

The hours are as follows:

Fall/Spring Hours: 7:00a.m.-12:00a.m. Monday - Friday; 7:00a.m.-12:00a.m. Saturday & Sunday

Summer Hours: 7:00a.m.- 7:00p.m. Monday - Sunday