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is a leading international public transport group
We carry over one billion passengers a year worldwide through our bus, train, tram and express coach operations.

We operate local transport businesses which are run by local people to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We conduct our business to ensure that these communities receive both economic and social benefits.

Our 40,000 employees are committed to improving the quality, value for money and the safety of all our services. We invest in all aspects of our services, to attract more passengers and maximize the use of public transport systems.

We are committed to taking advantage of the many opportunities for growth which exist in the international public transport market.

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ATC Fixed-Route Operations and Management   ATC - IT:  Paratransit and Fixed-Route Software (Managed by Multisystems)
  ATC Paratransit Operations and Management   ATC Transportation Consulting (Managed by Multisystems)

DeKalb - We began our first year of service for Northern Illinois University as the Huskie Line in January of 1971. The initial fleet of 6 buses has grown to 18. Approximately 2 million students, staff and residents of the City of DeKalb ride the Huskie Line during the 34,400 hours of service annually.  The system is funded 100% from student fees and fare box revenues. An extensive fare free area exists that includes the Northern Illinois University campus and parts of the City of DeKalb.  Huskie Line has an impeccable average for this service of only 5 complaints per 100,000 passengers.